While there are a lot of lovely ghee makers out there (Ancient Organics is our favorite) it is also nice to know how to make your own.

What you’ll need:

• a heavy bottomed pan
• the best quality unsalted butter you can find
• fine mesh sieve (optional)

Start with unsalted butter.  Heat in a heavy pan over medium-low heat.   When the butter starts to ‘boil’ it will crackle as the water comes off and the milk solids separate and sink to the bottom.  Just as it is done it will stop making noise.  The milk solids should be a light golden brown color and the ghee will be clear. It will burn quickly!! Watch very carefully to prevent burning.  Let it cool a little bit and then just pour the ghee off.  The milk solids will just stay on the bottom. When you’re not cleansing, it is good to have a little ghee everyday.  Sauté your spices in it, add to cereal or use like butter. Check out the amazing recipes that Ancient Organics shares. BTW, their ghee is made with the most amazing butter in the world and according to traditional vedic practices.  Be sure to try it, but I hope you still learn to make your own! Like shirodhara, ghee is one of the quintessential elements of Ayurveda and a wonderful thing to include in your life.


Tips, favorite recipes or types of pans? (mine is le Crueset :)) Share in the comments below.