I love to welcome clients to their Ayurvedic therapy or shirodhara treatment with a wonderful herbal footbath.  It’s a wonderful way to get your client grounded, warm and settled in.  It also ups the level of luxuriousness.

What you need:

• Foot bath, pedicure bowl or
plastic dishpan
• 1 cup Epsom Salts
•  1 or 2 T whole or powdered dry herbs
• 1/2 cupdried flowers
• hand towel
• robe (optional)
• herbal tea
•cold and warm water ready to adjust temperature

Any vessel that will fit feet will work for your foot bath. I love the foot bath shown in this picture, a fiberglass (aka lightweight) pedicure bowl. It even comes with it’s own case.


Dissolve Epsom salts in warm water in your vessel. Add herbs and continue to fill. Stir so that the herbs have a chance to steep. Monitor water (be sure to test with the inside of your wrist, not just your less heat sensitive hand) to get a comfortable temperature. Add dried flowers a few minutes before your client is ready so that they don’t fade and lose their lovely shape and color.

Be sure that your room is warm and comfortable. Invite your client to change into a robe or have them roll up their pants. Have them take a seat and slide in their foot bath. Have them test the temperature and offer either cool or warm water to get the temperature perfect. To get the most benefit have them enjoy some herbal tea, breathe deep (exhaling completely) and perhaps close their eyes.

After 10-20 min as your timing allows, kneel in front of your client with a hand towel ready. Slide the bath out as they remove their feet and place them on the towel. Dry their feet, removing any flowers and herbs. They are now grounded and ready to enjoy their next therapy!


Tips? Ideas? There are a thousand wonderful variations of this treatment so get creative! and then share in the comments below.