Shirodhara is a very powerful Ayurvedic treatment that releases stress from the nervous system.  It facilitates the body’s own healing responses by disarming the stress response aspect of the nervous system (sympathetic) and activating the parasympathetic (healing) response.  In addition, it helps us to move from the thinking and doing part of the brain (left) into the being part of our brain (right) which can teach a lot about letting go.  It is a like a deep meditation with additional health benefits due to the depth of the relaxation and the stimulation of the forehead center and the related master glands of the body. The medicinal qualities of the oil, especially when herbalized, add to its healing qualities.  A stream, or flow (‘dhara’) of oil is held over the forehead (‘shiro’).  The stream of consciousness that enlivens and heals us is more readily able to flow, helping us to see clearly and affect positive change at a deep level.

“I offer [and now my husband and I are manufacturing equipment for] shirodhara because I think it is a wonderfully helpful treatment.  It is indicated for stress of all kinds, greatly reduces physical pain, is very beneficial for preventing migraines,  and helps to promote deep sleep and a profound sense of wellness.” ~Stephanie Dickerson

Shirodhara is a primary component in Ayurvedic healing therapies of Panchakarma.  This powerful process of rejuvenation combines a variety of nourishing and cleansing therapies that are designed to restore balance to the body. Wastes and toxins (ama) and accumulated imbalances of the three doshas are loosened and eliminated.  Shirodhara is a primary therapy for balancing Vata.  In combination with other therapies it assists in loosening and eliminating mental and emotional ama and old, stored negative thought patterns (samskaras).