ShiroPlus was founded in 1999 by Richard Haynes of AyurvedaPlus.  Richard saw the need for an easier, less consumptive way of administering the traditional shirodhara therapy.  His own experience of the tremendous benefits of the powerful therapy led him to want to be able to offer it to clients and make it available to practitioners on a larger scale.

Richard’s design has been refined over the years and many units have been utilized by individual practitioners, Ayurvedic colleges, retreat centers and spas around the world.

In 2010, Richard’s daughter and her husband, Stephanie and Scott Dickerson, took over ShiroPlus.  Stephanie, owner of Anahata in Homer, AK,  has used ShiroPlus units since their inception, and has helped to refine their design.

“Scott and I look forward to continuing to offer quality Shirodhara Equipment through ShiroPlus.  We are both committed to the path of personal growth and living life to the fullest, and know shirodhara to be an invaluable tool for many on the same path.” ~Stephanie Dickerson