At ShiroPlus, not only do we offer great equipment designed by professionals, we offer professional training, specializing in training for shirodhara.

Training for your yoga studio, spa or other wellness center is available, with Stephanie Dickerson, in person, at the rate of $100/hour with a $1200 minimum, plus travel, lodging and per diem.  You can also receive training from Stephanie via Skype or other video chat for $100/hour, with the length of training determined by your background and experience.



Stephanie giving a shirodhara.

Stephanie Dickerson is the founder, owner and operator of Anahata in Homer, Alaska where she practices Ayurveda, Massage, and teaches yoga. Stephanie grew up learning about Ayurveda and Yoga from her Dad, Richard Haynes who has an Ayurvedic Center in Portland, OR. She has also studied with many other teachers including in depth study with Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta and Sarahjoy Marsh.

“I am profoundly grateful for the knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga, which has kept me knowing that health, happiness and love are not only possible, but actually my birthright. It is my greatest honor and joy to share this wisdom.” ~ Stephanie Dickerson

Ayurveda 101  – 6 hours

Covers the basics of Ayurveda.  This introduction to Ayurveda will give your staff an understanding of the principles and language of Ayurveda, including the Doshas.  This course also provides the tools of self-care that we all need to take care of ourselves and to remain healthy so that we have more to give.  Living an Ayurvedic and Yogic lifestyle through daily routine and an understanding of Sattvic choices.

Ayurveda 201 – 6 hours

More in-depth study of Ayurvedic principles such as Prakriti (nature) and Vkriti (imbalance) and how we can take these into account to better serve our clients and students.  Lifestyle recommendations and self-care practices to enhance our own health and that of our clients and students. Fine-tuning our daily routine, including Sattvic choices regarding diet, exercise, yoga and meditation practice, and interpersonal relationships.

Ayurveda 301 – 6 hours

How to perform a very basic lifestyle recommendation consultation.  A introduction to pulse diagnosis for self and for client.  Practice feeling for Prakriti (nature) and Vkriti (imbalance in the superficial pulse).   Personalizing therapies for your client based on their consultation or current main complaints. How to refine treatments to more profoundly affect the doshas through the use of specific oils and other means.

Shirodhara – 6 hours

Learn how to administer shirodhara using the ShiroPlus Full System.  Anyone can learn to give this beautiful treatment, however it requires a mastery of focus, grace and stillness that takes practice and training. You and your clients will benefit from this training for years to come.

Abhyanga – 1 therapist – 12 hours

Abhyanga is a classical Ayurvedic massage.  The Abhyanga that I offer is a highly refined version that effectively facilitates the loosening and elimination of accumulated doshas and ama and deeply relaxes the nervous system.  Consisting of 6 positions plus hot towel therapy, all of the nadis are directly affected and thoroughly cleansed.  May be performed in an hour and a half (6 positions) or an hour (four positions).  Abhyanga is perfect preceding a shirodhara, allowing the deepest states of relaxation to be accessed quickly and consistently.  There are a lot of versions of abhyanga, and I can say without hesitation that the one I offer is the best!!

Abhyanga – 2 therapist – 12 hours

Same as above, meant to be performed by two therapists for even deeper cleansing and relaxation.  6 positions plus hot towel therapy, this massage may be performed in an hour.

Vata Marma – 1 or 2 therapist – 10 hours

Marma points are the ‘junction of consciousness and physiology.’  In Ayurveda consciousness is considered primary, and all health, healing and well-being are the result of universal consciousness flowing freely.  Because marma points are a direct connection to universal consciousness,  when these points are cleared, vital energy flows more fully through the body, enlivening it and restoring perfect health. Vata Marma, with one or two therapists, addresses marma points that directly balance the Vata dosha.  Perfect for vata types, anyone experiencing vata disturbances like insomnia, worry, anxiety, or pain of any kind, and at the joints of the season when vata predominates.

Pitta Marma – 1 or 2 therapist – 10 hours

Pitta Marma, with one or two therapists, addresses marma points that directly balance the Pitta dosha.  Perfect for pitta types, anyone experiencing pitta disturbances like anger, frustration, hyper acidity, inflammation, skin troubles or irritation of any kind, and during the summer months when pitta predominates.

Welcome Treatment – 3 hours

Client care with an Ayurvedic touch.  The Welcome Treatment covers room set-up and preparation, greeting the client and explaining therapies, a foot soak, and a simple relaxation meditation to teach your client, and the use of herbalized oils for gandush.

Chakra Treatments – 12 hours

Ideally combined with the Welcome Treatment, the chakra treatments consist of foot massage, oil bastis (dough dams), or herbal paste lepas.  Learn treatments for the first through fifth chakras and some basic recipes for oils and herbal pastes to address each chakra and how to use bija mantras for each chakra.

Lepa for Emotional Release – 6 hours

A powerful therapy that consists of a back massage (therapists must have massage experience or 3 additional hours are required to teach a basic back massage sequence), herbal paste lepa, heat, mantra, steam inhalation, facial hot towel therapy and nasya.  Great for clients with, upper back or neck pain, emotional issues, or respiratory complaints.

Shiro-Abhya-Nasya – 10 hours

A seated invigorating, head, face, neck and shoulder massage, followed by eucalyptus steam inhalation, hot towels facial compresses and herbalized ‘nasya’ oil for the nasal passages and sinuses and a salt water gargle to finish. This is a powerful treatment with the potential to eliminate sinus troubles, allergies, headaches and other ear, nose and throat issues by swiftly bringing prana and udana vata into balance.