Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is this shirodhara equipment to set-up/take down?

The ShiroPlus Full System is very easy to set up and take down and remove from the table. You simply slide it into place on your massage table using the face cradle attachment and extend the supporting leg and secure. After the shirodhara is complete, simply loosen the extending leg, slide the unit out of the table and onto the floor, retracting the extending leg and secure. Our full system is very lightweight, at about 18 pounds. I am able to do this very easily and quietly during therapies with no problem.

Is shirodhara with the ShiroPlus Full System messy?

There is  always some mess inherent with oil, obviously, but if you take a modicum of care the ShiroPlus Full System can be operated with little to no mess.  That was one of the primary goals of it’s design- there is no submerged pump to be removed or transferring of oil necessary as in other methods of administering shirodhara.

How does the oil collect/recirculate?

An oil-proof surface is required under the head (a rolled up hand towel (for neck support) in a zip-loc bag suffices) to guide the oil to return to the unit.  It collects in the stainless steel basin where it returns to the pump to be recirculated.

Is the shirodhara pump quiet?

The shirodhara pump in the ShiroPlus Full Sytem is very quiet.  It is well insulated and does not deter from the relaxing quality of the Shirodhara treatment.

How does long hair affect the shirodhara process?

Long hair often requires more oil.  It is best to tie up the hair and place it loosely under the head to minimize the amount of oil it needs and to keep it from impeding the return of the oil to the pump.

Is there a time setting on your shirodhara equipment?

There is no time setting.  It is meant to be attended by the therapist the whole time. You simply turn the shirodhara pump off when you are finished. You (and your client) benefit from mindfully completing the treatment.

Do I need to give you my table types to match the face cradle holes on my massage table?

We provide options for 8” and 10” spacing with 3/4″ dowels which cover most standard massage tables. Modifications can be made if your table is not typical.

What is the best way to drain the oil used for the shirodhara?

The best way to remove the oil is simply to pump it out into a container that is large enough.  You can set the unit on a small table or stool to elevate it (in comparison to what it is draining into) for the most complete removal of oil.  Wipe up excess with a paper towel and clean the unit.

How do you clean your shirodhara equipment?

Wipe it down with a cleanser that will cut grease- I recommend a citrus based solvent.  Hot soapy water can be flushed through the shirodhara pump if necessary but if it is being used frequently, just a little clean oil can be run through the system as needed.

Is the ShiroPlus Full System portable?

Being able to travel with your shirodhara equipment is very useful.  The ShiroPlus Full system is portable.  I often travel with mine and it is no problem. At about 18 pounds it is very lightweight and easy to move & transport. A slight adjustment allows a perfect fit for the vast majority of modern massage tables.

I already offer shirodhara using a tradition stand and vessel set-up.  Could I order your system without the stand and vessel?

Yes, please contact us for options.  Your traditional shirodhara set-up could very well be compatible with ShiroPlus Full System. We can offer you special pricing for just the ShiroPlus Full Sytem without the stand and/or vessel.

How large is the copper vessel?

The traditional copper vessel we offer, as used in classical Ayurveda, is approximately  5 1/2 inches tall x 6 inches wide and would hold about 1.5 L of oil.  Using this method a small amount of oil just passes through the vessel.

I’ve had a Shirodhara.  Do I need Ayurvedic training to administer them?

Professional Ayurvedic training in shirodhara is recommended.  If you are able to find that locally, or if you already have been trained, that’s great.  If not, training is available over Skype or other video chat for $100/hour.  The length of Ayurvedic and shirodhara training would depend on your background and experience.

Is there a video showing the ShiroPlus Full System being used for giving a shirodhara? or a set-up and instructional video?

Not at this time, but we will offer demonstration, set-up and instructional videos for our shirodhara equipment in the future.  We will also offer a shirodhara training dvd.

How much will shipping my new shirodhara equipment cost?

About $75 to ship via USPS Priority Mail in the United States. The packaged weight of the Full System is ~20# and the dimensions are usually 19″ x 16″ by 16″.  Shipping costs include insurance. Actual shipping costs may vary.

How long will my shirodhara equipment take to arrive?

USPS Priority Mail is usually 4-7 days from shipping.

Do you ship your shirodhara equipment Internationally?

We no longer ship internationally except to Canada.

What kind of power does the ShiroPlus Full System use?

The ShiroPlus Full System uses 110 v power.  220 or 240 v is common in much of the world.  If you are in a country with other than 110 v power, you will need a power converter to take the power from 220 v (or the voltage in your country) down to 110 v (U.S. Power) as with any other 110 appliance.  This is something that is fairly common and inexpensive but do understand that it is a matter of the power not the plug- a plug adapter is not sufficient.  It is not compatible without a converter and connecting it to a non 110 v power source without a converter will destroy the pump.  A power converter MUST have a minimum of 100 watts capacity..

What is the warranty?

We don’t offer an official warranty but we do stand behind our system and guarantee them against defects in workmanship.