Our Shirodhara Equipment

ShiroPlus Full System

The ShiroPlus Full System is a complete, self-contained, fully automated and portable unit.  It attaches directly to a massage table (not included) through the face cradle attachment.  It provides the  heating, circulation and recollection of herbalized oil or other traditional liquids. With the ShiroPlus Full System, administering an authentic shirodhara is less of an endeavor and more of a joyful meditation for the therapist. This system can be operated with little to no mess, requires minimal oil and therefore expense and is easy and comfortable for the therapist to use. With the ShiroPlus Full System, this is a treatment that you will look forward to offering, and you will be able to provide a long, relaxing and beneficial treatment for your clients.


The ShiroPlus Full System provides an exceptional shirodhara experience for your client. It is quiet, light, easy to use, clean, move and store.

Efficient Design: requires as little as 2 to 4 cups of oil (depends on how much hair the client has).
Simple to Use: Easy clean up. There are no messy pots or submerged pumps.
Portable: Lightweight, easy to move, easy to set up, easy to put away.
Quiet: Very quiet and vibration free.
Digital Thermometer: so you can monitor and maintain consistent desired temperature

A self-contained unit, the Full System contains oil collection, pump and heater, hose and valve, and digital thermometer.  It attaches to massage table through face cradle attachment.


includes 36” Stand & Copper Vessel

**New units are not available at this time. If you would like to add your name to a waiting list please contact us.**